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The large level deck at Equani provides the perfect stage for a lakefront wedding. With a combination of wooden deck and grass, there is space to seat up to 100 wedding guests. Once the ceremony is over, guests can head to the pool bar for some champagne whilst the chairs are moved for a seated dinner. Included in the wedding fee, we provide 100 chairs, tables for up to 100, a birch wedding arch with white fabric, and the flower boxes it stands in. There are many ways for you to personalize your wedding with colors, flowers and decorations, but the main components will be there ready for you to add your own touch.

We would be happy to recommend a local band or DJ. As there are outlets by the pool, they can set up at the far end, and you can dance the night away under the stars as the pool lights change color. The bar has a full size refrigerator/freezer and cabinets to store drinks, ice etc. There is a blender, and shelf for liquor bottles, so you can invent your own wedding cocktail to serve your guests. Since there are multiple decks, Equani offers many options to suit your wedding party. The top deck enjoys a wonderful view for those who wish to have a more relaxing wedding experience. The bride and/or groom can even make an appearance on the private balcony of the Master Suite.

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